I´m 24 years old and started thinning at 17. I got on minoxidil, 1/4 proscar and some vitamins when I was 18. I was using concealers for 3 years too, but it didn't work in the very hairline and I thought it was detectable. Two years ago I gave up proscar because side effects and I thinned lots of hair, so I decided to wear a partial HP behind my own hairline, nobody knew about it and I was very happy. Many of you maybe think is not an option but it worked 100% right on me.As I was thinning my hairline, I decided to go The Alvi Armani hair restoration clinic. Why? because their hairlines are amazing. So I explained them my sittuation. Finally I got 3200 grafts in the very hairline (zone 1). Some of these gratfs were placed behind (begining of zone 2), below you can see my pictures.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Post op

I had my surgery on a Saturday mornign, I was waiting in the surgical waiting room and met a young guy who was waiting for his procedure the same day. The procedure took 7 or 8 hours. First able to come and draw my new hairline, I saw it and I liked so 6 staff members more started to work on my head.Then we had a break to take lunch.

And I could see my new hairline with my new hairs in the mirror when I went to the bathroom. wowwww that moment was amazingg. Finally they had 3 hours more working, when the surgery finished I was really well and Miguel said to call if I need anything.

3 month pictures

3 motnh photos are up. I am startin g to see some nice new growth. My hair is already better then it was before surgery, and from what the clinic tells me I am just beginning and have alot more growth to come in.

5 months

Here are my 5 month pictures. New hairs are starting to grow in and my hairline is getting better evcery day!

6 month Pictures

Here ar emy 6 month pictures. The growth so far has been amazing. Everyone keeps telling me how great my haiur looks. Everything looks so natural like I never even had surgery, just like my hair is growing back. I am very happy thus far.

9 month result

Here are my 9 month pictures. Even at this stage I am seeing monthly improvememnts. I am very very pleased with the hairline design and the density of the hair.